Friday, July 8, 2011

Got my Training Face On!

Next week, I will officially be starting my rigid training for the San Jose Dodger Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon which will be on October 2 this year. I have my training schedule printed out and ready. This is going to be my 2nd half marathon and this time, I want to PR. I did 2:10:51 on my first one and intended to break that record, hopefully do a 2:00. Not sure if that is even possible at this time but I promised myself that I will work hard and train well.

The San Jose Dodger Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon is on a relatively flat course. It should be pretty comparable to my first half which was the Go Green St. Patty's Half Marathon back in March. I had an awesome experience running the Go Green St. Patty's Half. I am praying for the same thing with this next one. My biggest fear is getting injured while training. I've had a few experiences forcing myself to race with shin splints. Not the smartest idea I admit, but when a girl's gotta run, a girl's gotta run. =)

Now with the half marathon training soon to be in full gear, it could possibly get pretty hectic in the next couple weeks.  Crossing fingers for bumps along the way but I am feeling positive and quite excited with the whole thing!
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