Tuesday, August 2, 2011

RnR: Week 4 Day 2

I have been extremely sleep deprived for the past week. I have been staying up all night 'til the wee hours of the morning working on a project that just seemed like its never going to get done. I realized during today's run just how much lack of sleep has affected my training. I have been feeling tired and sluggish because of it.

Even though I knew this run is going to be hard, I headed out there to get in tonight's scheduled 3.5 miles. I was actually thinking maybe I can make it to 4 but as the run progressed, I was getting more and more tired and more frustrated. My legs were so heavy like I have casts on them and just overall feeling weak and exhausted. It was one of those suckish run that I just had to bail out by mile 3. I did a total of 3.09 miles @ 31:21 minutes and splits at 10:23, 9:56 and 10:00.

Not getting enough sleep is seriously messing up with my mood, energy and endurance. Today's run just made it emphatically clear just how important  a good night's sleep is if I want to run and become a stronger runner.

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