Saturday, August 6, 2011

RnR: Week 4 Day 6

I was all dressed and ready to head out to the gym this afternoon when I did the unthinkable! I sat on the couch and watched TV. The 2001 Planet of the Apes with Mark Whalberg just started and once I sat down, I got stucked watching the rest of it. I am blaming Mark Whalberg on this one!

I was supposed to do 3 miles today but since I didn't make it to the gym tonight, I made up for it by doing 20 mins of Total Body Pilates and another 10 mins of Pilates Abs both with Nicole Stewart on Exercise TV. It was late but I got it done.

I will have to try to shut out distractions like this next time especially now that I am on training. It's one thing to modify the training plan to suit my schedule but its a whole other thing to cram and try to squeeze in one missed workout/run into the next. I gotta stay focused and not get easily distracted anymore.
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