Thursday, August 4, 2011

RnR: Week 4 Day 4

Got my running mojo back today! Evidently, having an unplanned rest yesterday has helped me get my energy back. After a few suckish runs in the past couple days, it is awesome to finally have a run that actually felt good! I hit the treadmill at the gym with the goal of making up the mileage I missed on Wednesday's scheduled 35 min tempo and adding today's 3 mile run for a total of 6 miles. I am so happy to have achieved the goal of the day. It wasn't one of my best runs whoever it certainly is one of those runs where I finished happy and contented. It was a really good solid run for me, I even ended up with negative splits!

Mile 1 - 11:51
Mile 2 - 10:42
Mile 3 - 10:20
Mile 4 -10:17
Mile 5 - 9:49
Mile 6 - 9:16

Still high on endorphins after the run when I got back home, I decided to follow it up with 20 mins of Total Body Pilates with Nicole Stewart and another 20 mins of Incredible Abs 6 with Cindy Whitmarsh for a total of 40 mins of workout on Exercise TV.

I wish it is like this everyday but then again running won't be fun anymore. It'll be just plain, monotonous and boring.  I guess having to go through all the ups and downs makes it exciting, interesting and most of all gratifying when you are able to persevere and get through the tough part.
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